How to request an investigation

Customers can request an investigation by submitting to the RTA an Investigation Request Kit below.

An Investigation Request Kit can also be provided by contacting the RTA.

It is important to carefully read and provide all the requested information and evidence when submitting the kit. 

Once the RTA receives the kit, it will be assigned to an investigator generally within one week (this may be longer in peak periods) who will contact the customer.  

Investigation Request Kit

Has your bond been lodged with the RTA?
Have you attempted to resolve this with the other party?
Have you requested dispute resolution assistance from the RTA?
Are you concerned about the amounts being claimed in the bond refund process?
Has your dispute resolutions matter finalised?
Is your concern relating to a breach of your agreement?
Is your concern relating to a disagreement over property maintenance?
Are you concerned that an offence occurred during a tenancy to which you are a party?
Has the alleged offence occurred less than 2 years ago?
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