Unclaimed bonds

A bond may be considered 'unclaimed' if the bond refund is not paid out when a tenancy has ended.

Most commonly, when a tenancy ends, a refund is requested by the tenant or property manager/owner using the Bond Refund Web Service  or the paper Refund of rental bond form (Form 4). The parties agree on how the bond will be refunded and the funds are paid by direct deposit into a nominated Australian bank account.

Bonds can only be refunded to an existing Australian bank account. Make sure you include these details in your refund request.

If you have previously rented and vacated a property, or managed one in Queensland, and believe you are owed a bond refund, contact us. You must be able to provide sufficient details related to the tenancy before the RTA will re-issue a payment.

Tenants should inform the RTA of their forwarding address and email when they move. The property manager/owner is not responsible for updating tenant’s details with the RTA.

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Address of the former rental property
  • At least 3 other pieces of information about the tenancy such as:
    • Names of other tenants
    • Name of the lessor, agent or provider
    • Weekly rent paid
    • Bond amount
    • Tenancy start and end dates
    • A copy of your old tenancy agreement would be useful
  • Your bank account details, which you can provide quickly and easily via the RTA’s Update Your Details Web Service. Alternatively, you can fill in a Update your details form and email it to bonds@rta.qld.gov.au


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