Open houses and viewings

An open house may occur when a property is put up for sale, or rent, and prospective buyers or tenants view the property during a specific advertised period.

An open house can only be held if the tenant agrees in writing.

Some tenants may agree to an open house to avoid multiple individual entries.

Photos used to market the property (e.g. on the ‘for sale/rent’ signs or the internet) should not show the tenant’s possessions unless they agree in writing.

Open house entry rules

If the tenant agrees to an open house, the property manager/owner should negotiate a suitable time. The property manager/owner should try to minimise any disruption to the tenant's quiet enjoyment of the property.

Entry must be at a reasonable time and, unless the tenant agrees, must not be on:

  • Sundays or public holidays
  • any other day before 8am or after 6pm

A tenant must give the property manager/owner written permission for an open house to be held. It is recommended the property manager/owner and the tenant come to a mutual agreement about when the open house (or open houses) will be held. This agreement should be recorded in writing.  

The property manager/owner should provide the tenant with reasonable notice of the time and date of any open house.

Other viewings

For all other viewings, an entry notice must be given for each entry. Entry must be at a reasonable time and, unless the tenant agrees, must not be on Sundays or public holidays, or any other day before 8am or after 6pm.

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