Photographs of the property

The property manager/owner must get written permission from the tenant to use photos of their possessions in advertising (includes newspaper and online advertising and brochures).

This applies to possessions inside and outside the property (e.g. personal items, furniture, cars and boats).

Using photos without a tenant’s permission is an offence.

If agreement cannot be reached by talking to each other, the RTA’s dispute resolution service may be able to help.

The tenant may also issue the property manager/owner with a Notice to remedy breach (Form 11) or Notice to remedy breach (Form R11) for rooming accommodation, requesting the offending photographs be removed from advertising.

Notice to remedy breach (Form 11)
v13 Jun21

The Notice to remedy breach (Form 11) is used during the tenancy where either the tenants or the lessor/agent claim that there has been a 'breach' of one (or a number) of terms of the residential tenancy agreement.

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Notice to remedy breach (Form R11)
v4 Jun21

The Notice to remedy breach (Form R11) is used during a rooming accommodation tenancy to let the other person know there is a problem which must be fixed within a specific timeframe.

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