Change of house mates or property manager/owner

There may be changes to the people involved in the tenancy agreement during the tenancy. Tenants and property manager/owners are encouraged to speak with each other regarding any changes and complete the paperwork required.

Change of tenants and bond arrangements

When tenants change during a tenancy, the property manager/owner must agree to any changes on the tenancy agreement.

If there are changes to the rental bond arrangements during a tenancy, a Change of bond contributors request must be submitted via RTA Web Services, or by sending a completed Change of bond contributors (Form 6) to the RTA.

The tenant/s leaving will need to get their share of the bond from the tenant/s moving in or those remaining. It is important for both the tenant/s moving out and the tenant/s moving in, that this change request is completed and signed.

The RTA needs an accurate record of who has contributed to the bond to ensure the refund process goes smoothly at the end of a tenancy.

If there is a bond loan involved the tenant/s must contact the Department of Housing, Local Government, Planning and Public Works​​ to approve the removal of a tenant before submitting the change request to the RTA. Learn more about transferring a bond that involves a bond loan to another property.


Change of property manager/owner

If the property manager/owner changes during the tenancy, they must notify the RTA using a Change of property manager/owner (Form 5).

This form should be signed by the old and new property manager/owner. A copy should be sent to the RTA and to the tenant.

The tenant should make arrangements to pay rent to the new property manager/owner.


Change of property manager/owner (Form 5)
v2 Jun21

The Change of property manager/owner (Form 5) is used to notify the RTA there has been a change of lessor, agent or manager/provider in an ongoing tenancy. It must be completed and signed by the previous and new lessor, agent or manager/provider.

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