Additional QGov Assistance

If you cannot verify yourself online through QGov, you may be able to verify yourself in person.

QGov is the Queensland Government’s secure, digital identity verification platform. The RTA requires all Web Services customers to verify their identity through QGov.  

If you are having trouble with verifying yourself online, you may choose to visit a QGov Customer Centre to prove your identity. At a QGov Customer Centre, you can complete the verification process in-person. 

Completing the verification process in-person will enable you to use RTA’s Web Services.

If you cannot visit a QGov Customer Centre, RTA services can still be used.

Verify yourself in-person  

QGov offer an in-person verification service at their selected Customer Centre’s in Brisbane, Beaudesert, Maroochydoore, Cairns and Gatton.

For customers who choose to visit a Customer Centre in-person:

  • Your identity will be verified at the service counter (subject to correct identity documentation being provided)
  • Your details will be updated online, allowing a QGov account to be created
  • RTA’s Web Services can be accessed via your QGov account. 

What do I need to do before visiting a QGov Customer Centre? 

You will need to go to the QGov website to set up a username, password, and provide an Australian mobile number.

You must have completed this step before visiting a QGov Customer Centre.

What do I bring to a QGov Customer Centre? 

There are two things you need to bring with you:

  1. You must bring your Australian mobile phone (phone number you registered with QGov)
    • A confirmation code will be sent to your mobile phone once you are at the QGov service   
    • You will need your mobile phone to access the confirmation code  
    • Your identity cannot be verified in person without the confirmation code.   
  2. You must bring your identification documentation (it needs to be 100 points of identification) 
    • Documents must be Australian-issued and not photocopies
    • You need at least one (1) primary document
    • Your family name must match the family name on at least two (2) documents, unless a Marriage certificate or Change of name certificate is provided.

Below is the list of documentation that can be taken to a QGov Customer Centre. Ensure you have documents as set out on this list, including having a least one (1) primary document.


Click on image to enlarge.

For more information about QGov identity documentation, visit QGov website.

Where are the QGov Customer Centre’s? 

There are five QGov Customer Centre’s that you can visit to verify in-person.

Brisbane Upper Plaza
33 Charlotte Street
Beaudesert 1 Telemon Street
Maroochdore Mike Ahern Centre
Ground Floor 
12 First Avenue 
Cairns William McCormackPlace
Gound Floor 
5B Sheridan Street 
Gatton 7 William Street

Important information: before visiting a QGov Customer Centre, please ensure you have: 

  1. Created a username, password and provided an Australian mobile number via QGov website 
  2. Your Australian mobile phone (the number you registered online with QGov) 
  3. Your identification documents (check the list for documentation needed).

What happens if I cannot verify my identity online or in-person? 

If you are not able to verify yourself online or in-person, it means you cannot use RTA Web Services.

This is because RTA’s Web Services is a digital online service and having your identity verified by QGov (online or in-person) is a substitute for your signature on a paper form and helps keep your online transactions with the RTA secure.

Should you not be able to get a QGov account to use RTA Web Services, the RTA can still help you.

See each service below to find out how: