Refund of rental bond (Form 4)

Bond refund requests are made to the RTA using the Refund of rental bond.

This form should be completed when the tenancy agreement has ended. The RTA cannot accept this form before the expiry date of the appropriate notice - Notice to leave (Form 12), Notice of intention to leave (Form 13) or Abandonment termination notice (Form 15).

Refunds are only paid into Australian bank accounts (no cheques).

Filling out the form

All relevant fields need to be completed to avoid processing delays. The tenant should include their forwarding address on the form.

Bond loan


Where a bond loan is still outstanding, the loan balance will be deducted from the tenant’s refund amount and paid directly to the Department of Housing and Public Works.


  • do not use correction fluid
  • everyone must sign any alteration to bond amounts (full signatures are required)

Lodging the form

Only original, signed forms should be submitted to the RTA. Emailed or photocopied forms will not be accepted.

Any person knowingly submitting false or misleading details on the refund form is committing an offence under Queensland law.

Important: If you are unable to use RTA Web Services or post and you need urgent help to submit a bond refund form, please call RTA on 1300 366 311 and we'll help you.

Form 4 – Refund of rental bond
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Current version: v6 Jun20
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