Protect your privacy

Are you using a shared email account? Update your contact details now.

The Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) is committed to protecting our customers’ privacy and security in our delivery of services that help make renting work for everyone.

To ensure your privacy remains protected, when customers supply the RTA with an email address, only unique email accounts will be accepted.

A unique email address is defined as an email account that is only used by one RTA customer and should not be accessible by anyone else. The RTA strongly encourages customers to refrain from sharing passwords and access to their unique email account for security and privacy reasons. This is a consistent privacy measure across all digital services in both the private and public sector, such as when registering for online banking, creating a Paypal account or signing up for an Australia Post online account.

Customers must use a unique email address for all transactions with the RTA, whether via Web Services or on paper forms, as this prevents multiple parties having access to RTA correspondence which may include personal information.

In some instances – for example in a Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) situation where both the victim and perpetrator have access to a shared email account – using a shared email account to transact with the RTA could create privacy and security risks.

What to do

  • Check the email account you have been using to transact with the RTA to ensure it is a unique account that is only used by you. If so, no further action is required.
  • If you have previously provided the RTA with a shared or jointly accessible email address, you must update your contact details to include a unique email address. You can do this by:

Did you know?

Tenants and property managers/owners can lodge rental bonds, request bond refunds, lodge bond dispute requests and update their details online with the RTA through our new Web Services. It’s a fast, convenient and efficient way to make essential tenancy transactions and is available 24/7.

Update your details form
v3 Feb23

Use this form to register your bank account details with the RTA if these have not already been provided on a Refund of rental bond (Form 4), which needs to be completed and submitted to the RTA to commence the refund process.