Increasing the rent in rooming accommodation

There are very clear rules surrounding rent rises in rooming accommodation.

Residents should note that rent cannot be increased during a fixed term agreement unless it is specifically stated in the rooming agreement along with the amount of the increase and how it will be worked out.

Even if rent increases are allowed, 4 weeks’ notice in writing must be given.

Rent may be increased:
  • at the end of a fixed term arrangement if management and the resident agree and enter into a new rooming agreement
  • when a rooming accommodation agreement is amended to include the provision of a new service.
  • in a periodic agreement by giving 4 weeks’ notice in writing.

It is also worth noting that the rent can be decreased if a resident’s room becomes partly unfit to live in or the amenity or standard substantially decreases, e.g. fire or flood.

The resident should first approach the property manager/owner about a rent decrease and if it remains unresolved the RTA’s dispute resolution service may be able to help.

If the matter is still in limbo, it can be taken to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) for a binding order.

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