Abandoned property or room

If a property manager/owner believes that a property has been abandoned, they can issue an Entry notice (Form 9) allowing 24 hours notice (in rooming accommodation no notice is required). The property may then be inspected to confirm it has been abandoned.

The property manager/owner must have reasonable grounds for believing the property has been abandoned. This could include:

  • rent has not been paid
  • a build-up of mail or newspapers in the mailbox
  • observations of neighbours or others that suggest the tenants have left the property
  • the absence of household goods
  • gas, telephone and electricity services have been disconnected
  • the tenant does not respond to attempts to contact them

There are 2 options for ending the tenancy:

  1. apply for a QCAT order, or
  2. serve an Abandonment termination notice (Form 15). The tenancy will end 7 days after the date the notice was given, if the tenant does not apply to QCAT to have the notice set aside or inform the property manager/owner that they have not abandoned the property.

In rooming accommodation, the agreement ends once the rent paid has run out (a termination notice does not need to be served).

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