Natural disasters

Information for property managers/owners and tenants affected by floods

Cyclones and severe storms can produce hail, flooding rains, lightning, winds greater than 200km/h and storm surge. They are often unpredictable and can cause major damage to property.

After a natural disaster, property managers/owners and tenants should talk to each other as soon as possible to discuss the state of the property and work out if any action needs to be taken.

The property manager/owner is responsible for any maintenance and repairs needed to bring the property back to a liveable condition (including fences, gardens and pools). These repairs need to comply with health and safety laws.

The tenant is responsible for removing or cleaning their possessions.

It is usually the property manager/owner’s responsibility to organise and pay for repairs. They should negotiate with the tenant to find a suitable time for the repairs to be done, entry rules apply.

Are you a property manager? The handy REIQ Disaster and Flood Relief Toolkit may answer some of your questions about flood recovery.

Natural disasters fact sheet

Download the natural disasters fact sheet for important information including: tenancy rules, what to do if the property is unliveable, fixing repairs, bond refunds, and more.

You can also watch our free Natural disasters and storm season webinar for information about:

  • tenancy rules and natural disasters
  • what to do when rental properties become unliveable
  • an overview of the support provided by the State Emergency Service (SES) in natural disasters

Natural disasters fact sheet

A tenancy agreement does not automatically end as a result of a natural disaster (e.g. flooding, cyclone, bushfire), even if the property is is damaged or non-liveable.

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The rental market can become competitive after a natural disaster but the rent cannot be increased outside the normal rules for rent increases.

The property owner or manager is not allowed to evict the tenant in favour of another tenant who will pay higher rent. Heavy penalties apply.

RTA services impacted by floods

During a natural disaster, there may be postal service disruptions across Queensland. These disruptions can cause delays in processing Notices of claim and Notices of unresolved dispute, as well as bond refunds and lodgements. If an extension applies, we will contact you directly. You can also access useful contacts who may be able to assist during or after a natural disaster.


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