Fair wear and tear

Wear is what happens during normal use of the property and changes that occur with ageing. The property can also deteriorate over time through exposure to the environment.

Dirt, grime, grease and damage is not considered wear and tear. Damages caused by an approved pet are also not considered fair wear and tear.   

Evidence such as the entry condition report and the exit report and photos are critical to avoid disputes about the property condition at the end of the tenancy. 

Examples of wear and tear may include small scuff marks on the lower walls; carpet pile that has flattened because of furniture or foot traffic; paint or curtains that have faded because of exposure to the environment – e.g sunlight. 

Fair wear and tear
(Property manager/owner responsible)
Careless or negligent damage
(Tenant responsible)
Cracked window pane due to old warped frames. Cracked window pane from carelessly slamming window shut.
Garden mulch breaking down over time. Tenant's dog digging up garden mulch.
Paint fading and discolouring over time. Paint discolouring through candle smoke.
Plaster cracks as building settles. Plaster chipped by nails being hammered in.
Worn carpets due to day-to-day use. Scratches on kitchen benchtops due to cutting food on the surface.