Tenants are responsible for leaving the premises in the same condition it was in at the start of the tenancy, less fair wear and tear. Check your entry condition report (including photos/video) to see what the condition of the property was when you moved in. Contact your property manager/owner if you do not have a copy.  

The tenant is not responsible for pre-existing damage/poor condition.  The property manager/owner needs to allow for fair wear and tear, however, this does not include dirt/grime/grease or damage caused by the tenant during the tenancy. 
The tenant may choose to engage a professional company to do the cleaning or do it themselves. If engaging someone to do the cleaning or repairs, ensure they are reputable. Check the work when it is done to make sure you are satisfied.

When cleaning, we recommend you go room by room so you don’t miss anything.   

Don’t forget items such as: 

  • windows and window tracks 
  • skirting boards 
  • light fittings, ceiling fans, air conditioning vents/filters 
  • inside all cupboards – wardrobes, linen, kitchen and bathrooms 
  • oven 
  • outside – clean balconies, tidy and weed gardens, mow and edge lawns 
  • remove rubbish from property 
  • repair any damage caused during your tenancy 
  • if renting fully furnished, make sure all items are in place and checked off from your furniture inventory. 

After the property is cleaned

  • Remove all your possessions from the property.
  • Ask for a copy of the Entry condition report (Form1a) or the Entry condition report (Form1b) for moveable dwellings/sites from the property owner/manager if you do not have one. It will be compared to the Exit condition report.
  • Complete the Exit condition report (Form 14a) or the Exit condition report (Form 14b) for moveable dwellings/sites, in a systematic way (room by room) and use extra pages if needed an return to the property manage/owner.
  • Provide your forwarding address to the RTA and include it on the Refund of rental bond (Form 4).