Change of bond contributors

Important: The Change of Bond Contributors Web Service is the quickest and easiest way to change bond contributors and/or alter how the total bond is allocated between contributors. You should only use the form below if you cannot use RTA Web Services.

If you are unable to use RTA Web Services or post and you need urgent help to submit a Change of bond contributors form, please call the RTA on 1300 366 311 and we can help you.

The Change of bond contributors form is used to:  

  • change bond contributors when tenants leave or move into the property 
  • change how the bond is distributed by altering how much of the total amount is allocated to each contributor.  

It is important the RTA's bond records are accurate, so the bond is paid to the correct tenants at the end of the tenancy. 

Anyone being removed from the bond, or reducing their bond contribution amount, must sign the form. 

You can also use the paper form to respond to an online Change of bond contributors request, if you cannot access the Change of Bond Contributors Web Service. You will need to fill in a Change of bond contributors paper form and sign it, before sending it to the RTA. The details you submit via the paper form must match the bond contributors and contribution amounts listed on the Web Service. Please speak to the other bond contributors and ensure the details match and make sure you list all bond contributors and their contribution amounts on the paper form. 

Important information for tenants: If you are transferring some, or all of your bond to another party, you should make sure the new or remaining bond contributor/s pay you the necessary portion of the bond. The RTA is not responsible for any exchange of money between tenants. 

Successfully submitting a Change of bond contributors request does not change the tenants listed on the tenancy agreement (also known as the lease). Any changes to the tenancy agreement must be approved by the property manager/owner.   

You should discuss any change of tenants at the property with the property manager/owner before a Change of bond contributors request is submitted to the RTA. 

Bond loans

Learn more about leaving your shared tenancy when you have a bond loan with the Department of Housing and Public Works.

Lodging the form

If you cannot access RTA Web Services, you can download the paper form, sign and send to the RTA:

  • RTA, GPO Box 390, Brisbane Q 4001


Form 6 – Change of bond contributors
Download (PDF 97KB)
Current version: v2 Aug20
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