Change of house mates or property manager/owner

There may be changes to the people involved in the tenancy agreement.

Change of tenants and bond arrangements

When tenants change and the rental bond arrangements change during a tenancy a Change of bond contributors (Form 6) must be sent to the RTA. Everyone must sign this form, including the property manager/owner.

The tenant/s leaving will also need to get their share of the bond from the tenant/s moving in or those remaining.

The RTA needs an accurate record of who has contributed to the bond to ensure the refund process goes smoothly at the end of a tenancy.

If there is a bond loan involved, the tenant/s must contact the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy to approve the removal of a tenant  before sending the form to the RTA. Learn more about transferring a bond that involves a bond loan to another property.

Change of property manager/owner

If the property manager/owner changes during the tenancy, they must notify the RTA using a Change of property manager/owner (Form 5).

This form should be signed by the old and new property manager/owner. A copy should be sent to the RTA and to the tenant.

The tenant should make arrangements to pay rent to the new property manager/owner.

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