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Rooming accommodation fact sheets

These fact sheets have been prepared specifically for providers and residents in rooming accommodation in Queensland: boarding houses, hostels and off-campus rooming style student accommodation. These types of accommodation are covered by the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 (the Act).

The RTA has also produced a range of fact sheets for tenants/residents and property managers/owners living in or managing houses, units, flats, caravans and moveable dwellings. These are available on the General tenancy fact sheets and Caravan park (moveable dwelling) fact sheets pages.

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Ending a rooming accommodation agreement MS Word (250KB)
Entry and privacy for rooming accommodation MS Word (249KB)
Goods and documents left behind for rooming accommodation MS Word (244KB)
House rules in rooming accommodation
MS Word (245KB)
Power to remove a rooming accommodation resident MS Word (246KB)
Rent in rooming accommodation MS Word (1.06MB)
Rental bonds for rooming accommodation MS Word (993KB)
Residents with impaired capacity MS Word (247KB)
Rights and responsibilities of residents and providers
MS Word (258KB)
Rooming accommodation agreements MS Word (244KB)
Rooming accommodation coverage MS Word (244KB)
Rooming accommodation forms MS Word (256KB)